If you really want to bring out your inner rally driver, I'd suggest selling that "car with the bar stool seating position" and getting a used WRX. At least people who see a dirty subaru get it. A dirty PT Cruiser just makes you look like a trashy person. Which is probably why you've had someone write "wash me" twice… » 10/22/14 8:56am Yesterday 8:56am

Neal was determined to press on, but lamented the 5 unwanted miles I added to our car from an exit I missed on the first day. I could tell that when we failed at this, that would be the last thing mentioned from Neal's mouth when he stabbed me, full of failure and Road Madness.

» 10/20/14 10:36am Monday 10:36am

selling your nice Z32 for a beat to hell Z32 as a daily driver is a horrible idea. Its fine to get another one as a fun car but lets stop and think here for a second . Saying "well my car is nickel and dimeing me so I want to sell it for two of the same car except in worse shape" is not the right step to take. » 10/20/14 3:04am Monday 3:04am