One of my friends bought his 04 crown vic sport off a guy who was a Suzuki representative. He and his wife both had Kizashi's (company cars of course) and he also had an Equator (former company truck that he bought off of Suzuki). He let us check out both Kizashi's and I would totally own one of these over a Camry or… » 12/05/14 2:03am 12/05/14 2:03am

500 at the wheels? I've always heard 450rwhp with a 2 and 4 valve so what makes the 3 valve so different there. 500rwhp you better have a bombproof tune and some meth, and never ever get a bad gas of tank. Even then you are on borrowed time, it won't last forever. » 11/28/14 1:59am 11/28/14 1:59am